Data Center Moves

Data Center Moves

Data Center

Our Data Center Moving Services are completely customizable. From simply providing secure transportation from Dock to Dock, to complete Data Center Moves.

Dock to Dock

We move equipment between Data Centers with the care and handling and attention to detail of an IT team, not a moving company.

  • Multi-site data center consolidations
  • Relocation to secondary sites
  • Data center integrations
  • Colocation transitions
  • Transitioning to a third-party provider

  • Complete Data Center Moves

    • Develop Plan with a Technology Movers Rep

    • Review Plan and hone details

    • Schedule Move

    • Perform Site Audits

    • Inventory and Spin Down hardware

    • Unrack hardware

    • Pack hardware for shipping

    • Transport to new location

    • Re-rack and Install

    • Power up testing

    • Mitigation if any issues

    • Post Move inventory

    Dock to Dock

    We can pack and transport your servers and equipment from your location to your Data Center, Data Center to Data Center, or Office to Office

    Develop Plan

    Developing a plan around your schedule and needs, we start by prioritizing the critical components and ensuring all parties are on the same page

    Review Plan and Hone the Details

    Every part of the team should scrutinize the plan, making suggestions and revising as needed

    Schedule Move

    Select dates that will fit requirements and confirm with all parties involved

    Perform Site Audits

    Origination and Destination sites should be visited and audited to ensure everything in the plan is doable

    Inventory and Spin Down Hardware

    An inventory should be done (if site audit not performed) and then commence spinning down hardware

    Hardware is properly shut down

    Unrack Hardware

    Disconnect cables, remove hardware from rack.

    Pack Hardware & Transport

    We custom pack hardware for our one-truck moves, or package for shipping by carrier if required.

    Insurance can be provided for high value inventory

    Re-rack and Install

    According to installation plan

    Spin Up

    Power up hardware and test

    Mitigation Issues

    Troubleshoot and solve connectivity issues if any

    Post Move Inventory

    Confirm install is complete and according to plan