Equipment Disposal

Scrap: Obsolete & Broken Computers / Electronics

Technology Movers Equipment Disposal Service

We Keep Dangerous Materials out of our Landfills

Technology Movers will pick up your obsolete and broken computer equipment free of charge*, and properly recycle or even put to reuse.


Recycle your used and worn out business machines. We will collect monitors, printers, computers, and other business equipment. Technology Movers will remove unneeded or obsolete equipment for you to free up space and possibly put the materials back to use in the community.  At a minimum, the equipment is recycled with environmentally responsible recycling partners.



  • Safety- keep dangerous materials and metals out of our landfills
  • Work efficiently- eliminate working in cluttered areas & old equipment that's in your way
  • Benefit the community - your equipment may go toward a variety of projects, schools may benefit from usable, working equipment
  • Hard drives securely erased and/or physically destroyed before recycling (certificate of destruction provided upon request)

Certificate of Destruction

  • Drill, shred and destroy is our mission to keeping your discarded equipment out of the wrong hands
  • Once minced, we recycle the plastics and metals to benefit the environment, and ultimately all of us

* Non-working CRT monitors require a disposal fee  

Request for Disposal

To request Equipment Disposal Services or additional information, please contact us today by calling 855-703-MOVE (6683) or filling out this brief request for disposal form.