Electrical Services

Electrical Wiring

Electric Outlets

Competitive pricing and quality work - outlets in a commercial building are typically $100-300

Dedicated Outlets

Copiers, Printers, and Networking equipment often require dedicated circuits for best operation. Dedicated outlets are usually $200-400 including new circuit breaker.

Server Room Power, Redundant Power

Uniteruptible Power Supplies (Battery Backups) require either 220Volt or 125Volt 30Amp circuits. (typically $300-500)

Cubicle In-Feeds

Cubicles are fed electricity from the building through either floor or ceiling entry (power poles.) Floor feeds either connect to a junction box on a wall in close proximity to the panel with the in-feed or a junction box in the floor.
The scenario where cubicles do not have access to a floor or wall junction box, power is accessed from the ceiling where a power pole is used. The power pole is also used to provide data wiring to the cubicles, via a seperate dedicated channel in the power pole.